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Visual bookmarks for visual people

Bookmarking websites is great in theory, but long lists of indecipherable links don’t work in practice. That’s why we made Prism. Curate everything you love online and browse screenshots that auto-update so you're always looking at the latest, or make them static to track a moment in time.


Inspiration & Research

Collect whatever you want to look back on for research or inspiration, and see everything at a glance.


Blogs & News

Bookmark your favorite blogs and news sites and quickly scan the latest.



Bookmark your favorite places to shop online and browse them all at once.

The list goes on!

Prism can be used to organize anything you want online, and with actual images of the site, it makes it much faster to find what you're looking for.


Beautifully Simple and Easy to Use


Create Boards

Create boards for your favorite topics such as Style Blogs, Inspiration, Travel, Furniture –anything you want!


Bookmark Sites

Install the browser extension and click         to save sites to your boards. Bookmarks can be set to auto-update or be static.


Browse & Discover

Browse all your sites at once, share them or keep them private, and discover what others have saved.

Already an avid bookmarker?

We’ve got you covered! Easily create boards by importing your Chrome bookmarks.


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