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The idea for Prism came to Anna, the founder, when she was doing research for a design project. As a product designer, she was constantly browsing the web, getting inspiration and collecting ideas, but one day she realized she had no where to easily save her findings and browse them quickly. Plus she needed to share them with her coworkers. She wanted a tool to capture a screenshot, save the link, and share the list with others. She tried searching for such a tool but it wasn't out there. So, she decided to design it. And when she saw it, the lightbulb came on. 

Prism is all about making the experience of searching bookmarks faster and easier by using a screenshot of the sites themselves. It also allows users to easily share their boards and collaborate on them with others. Prism allows you to curate and organize everything you want to keep track of online, and easily find it again. 


We are a remote, female-founded, design-led, startup in the California Bay Area. And we're just getting started! If you have feedback or want to chat, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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Anna has 10+ years of design experience working with studios, startups and Fortune 500 companies. She spent 4 years as a lead product designer at Facebook working on internal productivity tools, and is a former co-founder of Slapdash (YC W2019). She is currently the Chief Design Officer at Medcorder. Her hobbies include interior design and photography, drinking Verve espresso and being a mom. She holds a BFA in Art Direction from Pratt Institute.

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We’re looking to partner with passionate, creative, unconventionally awesome people in building Prism. If you're interested in what we're doing drop us a line!